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  1. Discovery Mini Wearable RFID

    The Discovery Mini wearable RFID reader is a small, ultra light and ergonomic wearable that reads RFID tags and improves the efficiency of picking operations thanks to: a highly sensitive RFID reader, which enables reading and writing of passive UHF tags up to a distance of 1 m.
    A two-way IoT communications system is activated through a BLE IoT gateway, which is complemented by the easy integration of the system with third-party cloud applications. 
    Very small in size and weight — only 50 mm x 41 mm x 16 mm for a mere 50 grams! — it allows all operations to be performed hands-free, thus optimising time and processes. Featuring a wireless charging system, it is equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and has a long battery life, for up to 9 hours of continuous use.

  2. Discovery Mobile LF wearable RFID

    Discovery Mobile LF is a wearable device for waste collection that reads RFID tags affixed to bags or bins, recording each user’s waste delivery and transferring the information to the cloud in real time. With the integrated GPS module, the system can record position-related readings. The cloud platform allows for integration with external Web-based software via the JSON protocol. Data can also be downloaded from cloud platforms using csv files and the battery level of the device can be checked.

  3. Discovery Mobile UHF wearable RFID

    The Discovery Mobile UHF RFID wearable reader is a wearable device suitable for outdoor applications in dirty environments, due to its IP67 protection rating. This RFID wristband is ergonomic and particularly suitable for door-to-door waste collection. It reads the RFID tag affixed on the bag or bin, records the deliveries per user, and transfers the data to the cloud — ‘Lookup Waste’ — via middleware at a user-defined frequency, guaranteeing data security, which can also be certified via blockchain.  Easily integrated into third-party cloud applications, it improves the efficiency of door-to-door pay-as-you-throw waste collection with the highly sensitive RFID reader, which allow passive UHF tags to be read and written at a distance of up to 50 cm, and a system of five readers installed on a single electronics board (GPRS, wireless charging, RFID UHF, BLE and GPS). An LED and buzzer complete the interface. Moreover, Discovery Mobile UHF measures 95 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm, reads up to 5000 memorised tags and has a battery life of over 12 hours for continuous use.

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