Partitalia's "Laundry tags" are passive tags equipped with HF RFID technology, at 13.56 MHz, and UHF (Ultra High Frequency), with a frequency of 868 MHz.

They are available as: RFID hard tags or "Laundry hard tags" in the shape of a button, and RFID labels or "Laundry labels," in plain fabric or combined with other materials such as silicone.

Their physical characteristics allow them to be applied-"invisibly"-by stitching or insertion inside the hem of the garment to be identified, for example. Ideal for tracking flat linen items, such as pillowcases, sheets, bedspreads, blankets or tablecloths, typically used in Horeca or Hospitality settings, they are also excellent for identifying work uniforms. In addition, they have high heat resistance during all stages of fabric treatment: washing, drying, ironing, finishing tunnel and industrial extractor.

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  1. Hard tag HT092

    HT092 è un “button tag” prodotto in PPS, un particolare polimero termoplastico dall’elevata resistenza chimica e meccanica, molto tollerante alle alte temperature.

  2. Hard tag HT093

    HT093 è un “button tag” prodotto in PPS, un polimero di materia termoplastica, molto resistente a livello chimico e meccanico, oltre che tollerante alle alte temperature.

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