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EM4233 cards are contactless RFID cards operating in HF at 13.56 MHz. They comply with the ISO 15693 standard, which defines the operation of so-called vicinity cards, which are capable of reading and writing at greater distances than proximity cards.

Equipped with a 2-kilobit memory (256 bytes) and a unique identifier (UID), these cards offer high data protection against theft. This is ensured by an encryption engine implemented in the chip, combined with a random generator and a 96-bit secret key

EM4233 cards are ideal for access control applications (hotels and hospitality, companies, schools and universities, gyms).

They are available in different materials — PVC, PETG and wood — in the following sizes: 86 mm x 54 mm x 0.86 mm for PVC and PETG, 86 mm x 54 mm x 1.3 mm for wood.


RFID Chip EM4233

Chip frequency 13.56 MHz

Memory 256 bytes

UID 8 bytes

Manufacturer EM Microelectronics

ISO standard 15693

NFC standard To be verified depending on the reading device