MYC (Manage Your Card) is the Partitalia cloud application that simplifies card and smart card procurement activities by creating a total and instant connection with our production line. MYC reduces file exchange times and prevents order management errors, while also lowering the fixed costs of badge production. 

Through the platform, you can configure the layout of your smart card, enter variable data and approve any changes, supervising the progress of the order at all processing stages. What’s more, it offers the option of tracking the dispatched item and also delivery, directly at the requested office. All within 24 hours.


Easily integrated with various customer management systems, Manage Your Card reduces customer approval and order processing times, as well as the risk of errors, thus significantly reducing card and smart card reorder times. 

As well, the Partitalia portal:

  • enables resource and workflow optimisation;
  • offers information at a click of the mouse;
  • guarantees safe file and data exchange;
  • ensures traceability of each order;
  • reduces costs related to the purchase and operation of card printing machines (monetary resources for the investment, resources in terms of people, maintenance resources).


  • Mass-market retail: MYC simplifies the order management and acquisition process for large retailers. Customised through our portal, the cards become a unique product for end customers.
  • Companies: the portal eliminates maintenance and management costs of in-house printers for companies. Moreover, HR no longer needs to train and dedicate a staff member this repetitive and very expensive task. From the user’s point of view, MYC makes it easy to apply for new badges to replace worn or broken ones. 
  • Gyms: MYC allows facilities to reduce the costs of maintaining and operating in-house printers, and to avoid allocating staff for badge procurement. Customers can print their own cards themselves. 
  • Sports associations and federations: Manage Your Card simplifies the reordering process, which is too costly for sports club, and it reduces errors. Athletes can create their own badges, and receive them at home the next day.