From component sales to smart card manufacturing.

Partitalia was born as a reseller (REP) of electronic components.

Smart cards are introduced in the catalogue.

The first tags - RFID keyfobs - for identifying people are sold.

In the production unit a line of machines for card customization is introduced and the warehouse is expanded.

The first RFID projects and industrial evolution

The first RFID project is realised, applying the IoT in the context of an important footwear factory.

Partitalia becomes a factory, producing and customising tags and smart cards for identifying people and things.

RFID technology revolutionises the waste sector

Partitalia begins to collaborate with Sensor ID, engineering company of Campochiaro (CB), for the design of RFID readers.

The launch of Discovery Mobile, the first wearable RFID reader for waste collection, changes the way we collect data in waste management.

Discovery Mobile becomes the first RFID bracelet directly connected to the Cloud, that simplifies the data collection activity related to waste collection.

Collaborations with Research Centres

The active collaboration with three of the main Italian Research Centres begins: the Politecnico di Milano, the University of Pisa and the “Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna”.

Blockchain, IoT, sensors and robotised tracking

In municipalities that apply Pay-As-You-Throw tariff, Partitalia launches Blockchain for waste management, to track the waste deliveries made by citizens on a certified and authenticated instrument. 

Furthermore, Partitalia invests in Research & Development in several areas: IoT wearable devices, advanced sensor technology, and robotised tracking. And the company opens to Logistics and Retail markets.

From Covid-19 emergency wearables to “Partitalia Academy”

During the early months of the pandemic, Partitalia launched two new wearable devices, to improve people's health and safety at the time of Covid-19:

  • “Close-to-me”, the wearable for social distancing;
  • “VITA”, the first wearable IoT gateway for Telemedicine.

In September 2020 “Partitalia Academy” was founded: “Partitalia Academy” is the free academy that provides in-depth analysis about new technologies, thanks to the participation of partners and experts. More than 2.500 people take part in the webinars.

Our first 20 years

Partitalia celebrates its first 20 years in business. Since 2001, our mission has been to continuously innovate the products and services we offer: this is possible thanks to a close team, full of passion and curiosity, and to the care we put into our work. In this way, we are able to provide efficient and precise answers to our customers’ needs.

We develop IoT solutions for tracking management and we are committed to environmental protection: we launch wooden cards that are green and sustainable. Moreover, in our Lainate plant in Milan we install a 40 kW photovoltaic system and an electric car charging station.

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