1. IoT Solutions for Waste Collection: Partitalia at IFAT 2024 view Partitalia, interconnected IoT solutions for PAYT at IFAT 2024
    17 April 2024
  2. Ecosense SmartBin Pro, the innovative IoT trash can that opens via a web app from Partitalia view Partitalia flies to ‘CES 2024’ with its high-tech for waste collection
    18 December 2023
  3. Recycled PVC view Recycled PVC cards: a sustainable alternative
    13 November 2023
  4. iswa 2023_partitalia presents exoskeletons for waste collection view Work exoskeletons for waste collection workers - Waste Management World
    13 October 2023
  5. Exoskeletons in waste collection_partitalia at iswa 2023 view Work exoskeletons for the well-being of waste collection workers
    11 October 2023
  6. Exoskeletons for waste collectors view Exoskeletons and wearable technology for workers’ health
    17 May 2023
  7. Contrada Sant’Ambrogio, stirrup view A ‘talking’ floor for the Sant’Ambrogio district at the Palio di Legnano
    17 May 2022
  8. Girl and slow tourism view Slow and smart, this is what tourism will be like in 2022
    11 May 2022
  9. wooden cards by Partitalia view Partitalia’s wooden cards: bamboo, maple and lime wood
    26 April 2022
  10. Minto Sushi_wooden cards view Minto Sushi chooses wooden cards by Partitalia
    6 April 2022
  11. low frequency 125 khz view Low Frequency: what is 125-134 kHz passive RFID technology?
    1 March 2022
  12. RFID technology UHF 868 MHz view What is 868 MHz UHF RFID technology?
    1 March 2022
  13. HF at 13,56 MHz view What does High Frequency mean?
    1 March 2022
  14. Gualtiero Cortellini_Consorzio Trasferimento Tecnologico view Artificial intelligence: applications and future developments. Interview with Gualtiero Cortellini
    21 February 2022
  15. Wooden card for hotel view Wooden hotel tiles: beautiful and sustainable
    15 November 2021
  16. Custom printing cards view Custom cards: the graphics approval process
    16 September 2021
  17. ISO standards for plastic card view What are the ISO standards for producing smart cards?
    3 September 2021
  18. Degradable PVC cards view Degradable PVC Cards for an Increasingly Green Market
    5 August 2021
  19. Global semiconductor shortage view Chip shortage: how can we cope with the global semiconductor shortage?
    12 July 2021
  20. Paolo Nepa view Paolo Nepa: RFID technology and evolution
    15 April 2021
  21. Paolo Nepa view Paolo Nepa: why RFID is a revolutionary technology?
    8 April 2021
  22. Worker with wearable Discovery Safety view Discovery Safety, the wearable for the safety of lone workers
    23 March 2021
  23. Gift card GDO and Retail view Gift cards and solidarity: the unprecedented use during the lockdown
    15 March 2021
  24. Wearable and IoT sensor technology for workplace safety view How wearable devices and IoT sensors improve workplace safety
    11 March 2021
  25. Near Field Communication technology view How does NFC technology work?
    7 January 2021
  26. David Risi Risingtech view Camping Europa Cavallino chooses 'Discovery Gate' RFID readers
    17 December 2020
  27. Gaetano Russo S.I.BE.G. view S.I.BE.G. chooses “Close-to-me” by Partitalia for social distancing
    10 November 2020
  28. SIBEG and Close-to-me for social distancing view Social distancing devices: interview with S.I.BE.G. Ltd
    4 November 2020
  29. partitalia academy_free webinars about iot and iop view ‘Partitalia Academy’ kicks off in September with a series of free webinars
    5 September 2020
  30. Organic or Recyclable Cards view Webinar: ‘Organic or Recyclable Cards? A guide to choosing’
    1 September 2020
  31. Close to me and Vita_wearable covid 19 view “Close-to-me” and “Vita”, two new wearable personal safety devices
    21 April 2020
  32. degradable PVC cards_green materials view Degradable PVC cards and R&D on green materials
    6 February 2020
  33. Fabio Adezio and Paolo Perego at the event view RFID technology and Blockchain for PAYT waste collection. Miglianico: a “virtuous” case
    8 November 2019
  34. Discovery Mobile_the wearable device view Partitalia at Ecomondo 2019: RFID for PAYT waste collection, wearable device and Blockchain
    25 September 2019
  35. waste management system with rfid view What features must RFID readers on waste-collection trucks have?
    10 September 2019
  36. Bag and bin for RFID waste management view RFID waste management with RFID tag: bag or bin?
    6 September 2019
  37. Bins and bags identified with RFID technology view Counting criteria for PAYT? RFID technology can help
    3 September 2019
  38. Rfid waste management, weight and volume view Weight, volume and RFID system in payt
    29 August 2019
  39. Tourist peaks and rfid wearable device during waste management view RFID wearable device for waste management during the tourist peaks
    21 June 2019
  40. 7 June: meeting Clab and Startup Grind view June 7 2019: Clab and Startup Grind
    18 June 2019
  41.  Maintenance with RFID technology view How does RFID technology for road maintenance work?
    18 June 2019
  42. 5th of June: Startup Grind event view June 5 Startup Grind
    17 June 2019
  43. Rfid reader for waste management view How to choose RFID reader and software for waste collection?
    11 June 2019
  44. The Partitalia RFID reader and the GDPR view GDPR: is Partitalia RFID reader privacy compliant?
    4 June 2019
  45. RFID wearables for rfid waste management view RFID waste management: wearable RFID and GPS
    4 June 2019
  46. What are the models for pay-as-you-throw view What are the models for the Pay As You Throw tariff?
    30 May 2019
  47. RFID payt view Pay As You Throw tariff: what will happen after June 2019?
    30 May 2019
  48. data analysis_RFID payt view RFID Pay As You Throw waste collection: how to analyse data?
    14 May 2019
    12 April 2019
  50. rfid payt_prepaid bag or rfid tag view RFID Pay As You Throw tariff: where do the data come from?
    22 March 2019
  51. Workers during RFID PAYT view RFID waste management: what is the ratio between ergonomics and work?
    22 March 2019
  52. PAYT data analysis with RFID wearable devices view How to analyse PAYT data with RFID wearable devices?
    22 March 2019
  53. Why choose RFID wearable for PAYT waste management? view Why choose RFID wearable for PAYT waste management?
    22 March 2019
  54.  How workers can do their job safely in rfid payt view RFID PAYT waste management: RFID wearables to reduce risks at work
    12 March 2019
  55. the definition of industry 4.0 view Industry 4.0: what is it and how does it work?
    13 February 2019
  56. IoT_where it applies and what it is about view What is IoT?
    13 February 2019
  57. The managing of the punctual tariff regulation in Europe view How is PAYT tariff regulated?
    10 January 2019
  58. Partitalia's RFID wearable device_for the punctual waste tariff view Waste RFID technology: the Consac Ltd. test
    17 December 2018
  59. Partitalia RFID wearable_the advantages in work management view What are the advantages of Partitalia’s RFID wearable?
    19 November 2018
  60. RFID wearable for RFID waste collection view RFID waste collection: why choosing Discovery Mobile?
    25 October 2018
  61. Partitalia for RFID waste management view Why choose Partitalia for RFID waste management?
    24 October 2018