1. IoT Solutions for Waste Collection: Partitalia at IFAT 2024 view Partitalia, interconnected IoT solutions for PAYT at IFAT 2024
    17 April 2024
  2. Ecosense SmartBin Pro, the innovative IoT trash can that opens via a web app from Partitalia view Partitalia flies to ‘CES 2024’ with its high-tech for waste collection
    18 December 2023
  3. Exoskeletons in waste collection_partitalia at iswa 2023 view Work exoskeletons for the well-being of waste collection workers
    11 October 2023
  4. Contrada Sant’Ambrogio, stirrup view A ‘talking’ floor for the Sant’Ambrogio district at the Palio di Legnano
    17 May 2022
  5. Minto Sushi_wooden cards view Minto Sushi chooses wooden cards by Partitalia
    6 April 2022
  6. Worker with wearable Discovery Safety view Discovery Safety, the wearable for the safety of lone workers
    23 March 2021
  7. Gaetano Russo S.I.BE.G. view S.I.BE.G. chooses “Close-to-me” by Partitalia for social distancing
    10 November 2020
  8. partitalia academy_free webinars about iot and iop view ‘Partitalia Academy’ kicks off in September with a series of free webinars
    5 September 2020
  9. Close to me and Vita_wearable covid 19 view “Close-to-me” and “Vita”, two new wearable personal safety devices
    21 April 2020
  10. degradable PVC cards_green materials view Degradable PVC cards and R&D on green materials
    6 February 2020
  11. Fabio Adezio and Paolo Perego at the event view RFID technology and Blockchain for PAYT waste collection. Miglianico: a “virtuous” case
    8 November 2019
  12. Discovery Mobile_the wearable device view Partitalia at Ecomondo 2019: RFID for PAYT waste collection, wearable device and Blockchain
    25 September 2019