On 31 March, the new Partitalia Academy webinar will offer insights into IoT devices for security

Milan, 23 March 2021 – Wearable technology to improve the safety of lone workers and facilitate emergency management. Partitalia srl, an ICT company based in Lainate (Milan) that has been producing and marketing RFID smart cards, tags and readers throughout Europe for the past twenty years, in collaboration with the engineering company Sensor ID, is launching ‘Discovery Safety’, the wearable device that monitors solo work, communicating emergency situations to a control unit for instant activation of rescue services.

Discovery Safety DeviceDiscovery Safety Device

Wearable Technology for Emergency Management

Worn on the operator’s wrist, ‘Discovery Safety’ transmits safety incidents related to lone workers, that is, maintenance workers, water, electricity or gas service technicians, construction site workers, truck drivers, guards and security guards. Equipped with a man-down sensor, the device records the accidental movement if a worker falls and, through its architecture integrated with the cloud, sends an alert to the Viasat operations centre, active 24/7 year round. 

The device instantly provides the operator’s indoor or outdoor location, while the two-way speakerphone allows for communication with the operations centre. This workflow is also triggered by the absence of forearm movement — set to two minutes, though a different duration can be entered — with the worker’s location on the map and an alarm sent to the operator at the central unit, requesting the intervention of emergency rescue services. Even more, if the user needs it, ‘D-Safety’ enables instant contact with the operations centre via a call, with automatic transmission of the worker’s position. 

‘Over the past few years, we have constantly worked to improve the usability of wearable devices, implementing new features designed to simplify people’s lives,’ says Luca Del Col Balletto, CEO of Partitalia. ‘We are particularly focused on the working world, where wearable sensor technology is opening new and important scenarios in terms of welfare and security.’

Laying man wearing a discovery safety deviceLaying man wearing a discovery safety device

IoT, wearables and 5G for workplace safety will be discussed during the new Partitalia Academy webinar

Today, IoT devices provide concrete support for worker safety, both in terms of accident prevention and instant emergency management. The ability of wearables to continuously and non-intrusively measure multiple physiological and functional signals related to a worker’s general state of health and activity opens new perspectives in terms of methods and tools supporting worker safety and health, besides providing data for the company to implement quality improvements in the labour system. These topics will be explored during ‘IoT, wearables and 5G: how they improve workers’ welfare and safety’, the new webinar presented by ‘Partitalia Academy’, the free learning academy on new technologies promoted by Partitalia. Lecturers at the digital event, scheduled for Wednesday, 31 March, from 4:00 to 5:30 pm, will be Giuseppe Andreoni, Full Professor at the Design Department of Politecnico di Milano, who will describe the use of wearable systems in the field of ergonomics and safety in the workplace, and Francesco Barletta, Head of ICT & Innovation at WINDTRE, who will discuss the latest developments in communication technologies at the service of work connected to wearables.

To participate in the webinar, simply register at this link.