We produce and supply several types of cards and smart cards with more than 70 different chips which can even be combined.





Our wide range of RFID tags comprise over 70 chips, encoded in our factory, to identify people and things.


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We are official distributor of the 
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We are an Italian company that manufactures and markets smart cards, tags and IoT solutions. Established in 2001, we have been passionately committed to our work for over twenty years, responding quickly and effectively to our customers’ requests. 

Our clients are leading Italian B2B companies, system integrators and public administrations, with more than 4,000 customers in Europe and worldwide.

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Our products


We produce cards in standard formats regulated by ISO standards, and non-ISO cards such as mini-cards and triple cards. Our catalogue contains cards with magnetic strips, barcodes, contact and contactless chips, combo and dual-interface cards.


We supply different types of RFID tags: wristbands and key fobs for personal identification, as well as hard tags and labels for things. Each tag can be customised at our factory in Lainate using specific methods depending on the requirements.


Our RFID readers stem from the Made in Italy technical expertise, all parts are fully developed in house. Thanks to the high sensitivity of the RFID antenna, they have a high reading performance at large distances that can be configured.


We technologically simplify waste collection. We are present in more than 20 countries around the world, innovating through wearable RFID devices, IoT solutions and Blockchain.

Our markets

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Webinar, blog

IoT Solutions for Waste Collection: Partitalia at IFAT 2024

Waste Collection Technologies: two-way middleware, RFID readers and smart locks

Milan, 17 April 2024 - 'Interconnected' IoT solutions to improve waste management and collection data analysis. From 13 to 17 May, Partitalia will be at IFAT 2024 - Hall A5, Booth 104 -, the world's leading trade fair for environmental technologies, to be held at the Messe München exhibition spaces in Munich.

Partitalia has been investing in Waste Collection technologies for over a decade and will be presenting its IoT ecosystem for waste collection, that includes several PAYT (Pay-As-You-Throw) options.

The two-way middleware


17 April 2024
Ecosense SmartBin Pro, the innovative IoT trash can that opens via a web app from Partitalia

"Ecosense SmartBin Pro" is the innovative IoT trash can that opens via a web app

Milan, December 18, 2023 - From January 9 to 12, 2024, Partitalia will fly to Las Vegas, Nevada, to take part in the "Consumer Electronic Show (CES®)." Partitalia is an Italian tech company with expertise in Waste Collection that develops innovative solutions using advanced technologies, optimizing collection, quality and traceability of deliveries, to significantly reduce environmental impact.

At ‘CES’ 2024, in the ITA (Italian Trade Agency) hall - booth 62202,

18 December 2023
Recycled PVC

Recycled PVC cards represent, together with degradable PVC cards, a more sustainable alternative to standard PVC cards. PVC has advanced mechanical recycling properties and can be recycled up to eight times.

The PVC, polyvinyl chloride, if incinerated releases dioxins and other organochlorines into the atmosphere. In the Green Paper ‘Environmental Issues of PVC’ presented in Brussels by the European Commission in June 2000, we read: ‘Upon incineration, PVC waste generates hydrochloric acid (HCl) in the flue gas, which needs to be neutralised.’ Hence the need to put a less polluting alternative on the market.

13 November 2023
iswa 2023_partitalia presents exoskeletons for waste collection

How Exoskeletons will transform the work of waste collection workers

Waste-Management-World.com - October 2023

Partitalia, an Italian company that aims to transform waste collection through cutting-edge IoT and RFID technologies, is working with the "Technology and Design for Healthcare (TeDH)" laboratory at Politecnico di Milano to investigate the possibilities presented by these emerging research areas. The findings of the research will be showcased by the ICT firm in Lainate during the ISWA World Congress 2023. The event is a key platform for experts and scholars from across the globe in the field of solid waste management. The dangers pertaining to the occupation of collection operatives will also be discussed. The Congress is slated to be held in Muscat,

13 October 2023
Exoskeletons in waste collection_partitalia at iswa 2023

Partitalia presents this technology at ISWA World Congress 2023, 30 October to 1 November

Milan, 11 October 2023 - Exoskeletons and wearable technology as a valuable tool to improve the health and well-being of waste collection workers. Partitalia, an Italian tech company with the mission of revolutionising waste collection through state-of-the-art IoT and RFID technology solutions, in collaboration with the "Technology and Design for Healthcare (TeDH)" laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano, has explored the opportunities offered by these new research fields. The results of the study will be presented by the Lainate-based ICT company at the ISWA World Congress 2023, the flagship event of the International Solid Waste Association, which brings together professionals and academics from

11 October 2023
Exoskeletons for waste collectors

Worker with exoskeleton

Man with exoskeleton

Woman with exoskeleton

Among wearable technologies, the work exoskeleton represents an important tool to improve waste collectors’ health and safety.

Waste collection is a physically demanding task that is associated with multiple occupational and musculoskeletal disorders. Several risk factors and working conditions affect the health and the safety of waste collectors. Frequent lifting of heavy loads, high repetitive tasks, long work duration and insufficient recovery are significant risk factors that may result in chronic injuries and diseases.


Wearable technology includes a multiplicity of devices developed to be worn and accessible by the user and including a platform for the sensing of different signals related

17 May 2023
Contrada Sant’Ambrogio, stirrup

Partitalia donated 350 rfg tags to create accessible routes for blind people


Milan, 17 May 2022 – At the Palio di Legnano, a ‘talking’ floor was used to create tactile accessible routes for blind people. In May 2022, for the historic event held every year in Legnano, a city in the Province of Milan, Partitalia srl, an Italian ICT company, donated 350 RFG tags to the Contrada Sant’Ambrogio for installation under the ceramic flooring of the new manor house.

17 May 2022
Girl and slow tourism

New trends in the hospitality sector identified at BIT, held at Fieramilanocity


Workations combine both work and holidays, but also proximity tourism, which is ‘slow’ and above all, responsible. If the hospitality sector needs new impetus, it is looking towards innovation — ready to welcome ‘digital nomads’ — and sustainability — meeting the needs of travellers who have developed a new awareness of caring for the planet after the pandemic.

Trends that will drive the sector’s recovery in the new season were identified at BIT 2022, the International Tourism Exchange, which is back in person this year from 10 to 12 April in the halls of Fieramilanocity. 

11 May 2022
wooden cards by Partitalia

Wooden cards have the same thickness and size of plastic cards, as well as high strength and durability. Eco-friendly and with a unique design, they are ideal for access control and loyalty projects.

26 April 2022
Minto Sushi_wooden cards

Fully eco-friendly gift cards made of bamboo are the choice for this sushi restaurant in Merano 

Milan, 5 April 2022 – Wood, a biodegradable and recyclable material, becomes the star of cards and sustainable smart cards with a unique design. Partitalia Srl, an Italian ICT company established in 2001 that manufactures and markets smart cards, tags, RFID readers and IoT solutions throughout Europe, enriches its commercial range with wooden cards to meet the ever increasing number of companies actively committed to protecting the environment through concrete actions. Like Minto Sushi Gourmet, an exclusive sushi restaurant & delivery in Merano (Bolzano), which renewed its gift

6 April 2022
low frequency 125 khz

Passive RFID Low Frequency operates in the 125-134 kHz range. The LF band is suitable for proximity readings at a distance of less than 30 cm and it works well in presence of metals. Its main applications are access control and traceability of animals. 

LF (Low Frequency) operates in the 125–134 kHz range. This is the lower end of the radio frequency spectrum. LF was the first used for automatic identification: its market presence is still very significant today.

1 March 2022
RFID technology UHF 868 MHz

Like high-frequency waves, the ultra high-frequency band lies at the upper end of the frequency spectrum. Unlike HF, which can be used worldwide, UHF differs significantly by country: in Europe 865–868 MHz, in the USA 920 MHz and in Asia 950 MHz.

Ultra High Frequency: features and applications

Introduced rather recently in Italy, the use of the ultra high-frequency began to spread in 2007

1 March 2022
HF at 13,56 MHz

HF (high frequency) operates at a frequency of 13.56 MHz and can be used worldwide. 

Contactless smart cards, whose operation is regulated by the ISO/IEC 14443 and ISO/IEC 15693 standards, work at a high frequency.

1 March 2022
Gualtiero Cortellini_Consorzio Trasferimento Tecnologico

We interviewed Gualtiero Cortellini on artificial intelligence. Director General, Consorzio per il Trasferimento Tecnologico C2T, Milan's innovation hub, is involved in supporting SMEs, in the realisation of innovative ideas and R&D and Industry 4.0 projects.

Can you tell us about your idea of artificial intelligence?

In theory, everyone probably knows what artificial intelligence is. It attempts to simulate human behaviour

21 February 2022
Wooden card for hotel

Wooden hotel cards are a sustainable alternative to classic plastic cards. RFID technology can be integrated inside the wooden cards, which is useful for access control in hotels and accommodations.

Cards for hotels and the hospitality sector (B&Bs, campsites, holiday resorts, cruises) perform two basic functions: they open room doors and activate the energy saver, the pocket inside the room that allows the lights to be switched on. In addition, they can be used to access special areas such as swimming pools or spas, specific floors and the car park.

Hotels: Why Choose Wooden Cards?

15 November 2021

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