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Hitag2 Card

Hitag2 cards are contactless cards operating at a low frequency, 125 kHz. The data transmission mode is read/write.

These RFID cards have a memory of 32 bytes. Moreover, the memory has a selective content protection feature.

Hitag2 badges are suitable for multiple applications, such as identifying people and access control at hospitality facilities, offices, universities and schools; as electronic wallets for self-service and vending machines; and attendance control at companies. 

They are available in three different materials (PVC, PETG and wood), in the following dimensions: 86 mm x 54 mm x 0.86 mm for PVC and PETG, 86 mm x 54 mm x 1.3 mm for wood.


RFID Chip Hitag2

Chip frequency 125 kHz

Memory 32 bytes 

Manufacturer NXP

ISO standard 11784/11785w


HitagS 2048 (partial compatibility)

HitagS 256 (partial compatibility)