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Ntag216 Card

Ntag216 cards are HF contactless cards operating at a frequency of 13.56 MHz. Manufactured according to standard ISO 14443, they have NFC Forum Type 2 technology and feature an anti-collision algorithm, which allows multiple tags to be read simultaneously in the same magnetic environment, avoiding errors.  Furthermore, Ntag216 cards are capable of being read up to a distance of 10 cm depending on the context, magnetism and reader used. As for applications, Ntag216 cards are also ideal for identification in industry and retail settings. Their dimensions vary depending on the material chosen. They measure 86 mm x 54 mm x 0.86 mm in PVC or PETG and 86 mm x 54 mm x 1.3 mm in wood.


RFID ChipNtag216

Chip frequency 13.56 MHz

Memory 888 bytes

UID 7 bytes

Manufacturer NXP

ISO standard 14443 A

NFC standard Type 2 - compliant with the tag