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HT006 hard tags

HT006 is an RFID hard tag made of ABS, a thermoplastic material with very good mechanical properties, such as stiffness, hardness and impact and water resistance. 

Rectangular in shape, this tag is specially designed for outdoor industrial asset management. It can be used on metal and non-metal surfaces. It measures 85 mm x 20 mm x 11 mm, and can be applied using rivets, screws or adhesive. Available in UHF, both European and US, it is manufactured with the HIGGS 9 chip. It has a large reading distance which, with the European frequency and on metal surfaces, can reach up to 6 metres. On non-metals it reaches up to 6.5 metres. When the tag with US frequency is applied to metals, it can be read up to a distance of 12 m, while on non-metals the reading distance can reach up to 7 m. Note that the tag reading depends on the reader, environment and application. It is also available in grey, and can be customised using laser technology.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Metal surfaces, Non-metal surfaces
IP Rating 68
Material ABS
Dimensions 85 mm x 20 mm x 11 mm
Weight 15 g
Application method rivets, screws or adhesive
Colours grey
Temperature Operation -40°C ∼ +85 °C / Storage -40°C ∼ +100 °C
Type of printing laser printing
Type of numbering laser technology
IndustryIndustry LogisticsLogistics

With its IP68 rating, which makes it resistant to dust and strong jets of water, HT006 is ideal for outdoor industrial asset management. This includes pallet and shelf management in outdoor warehouses, but also the identification of lamp posts, traffic lights and other public facilities.