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HT016 Hard tag

HT016 is an RFID hard tag made of 90% PCB, resistant to extremely high temperatures.
Square in shape, this tag measures 6.7 x 6.7 x 0.75 mm and weighs 0.4 grams. It can be applied by adhesive and embedded inside plastics.
It is suitable for the identification - also with NFC readers - of medical devices and instruments that need to be sterilised at high temperatures.
In fact, it peaks at 250°C for 24 hours! It is a two-colour tag - blue and black - in HF frequency with the ICODE SLIX and ST25TB02K chips.
Both logo customisation and numbering can be carried out using laser technology.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Non-metal surfaces
IP Rating 68
Material PCB
Dimensions 6,7 x 6,7 x 0,75 mm
Weight 0,4 g
Application method Adhesive, plastic injection
Colours Black (on the top) e blue (on the back)
Temperature Operation -40°C ∼ +85°C / Storage -40°C ∼ +200°C (250°C per 24 hours)
Type of printing laser
Type of numbering laser

With IP68 protection, making it highly resistant to dust and water, the HT016 is excellent in healthcare environments where sterilisation and high-temperature washing processes are numerous.