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HT019 hard tags

HT019 is an RFID hard tag made of epoxy resin, a thermosetting polymer that is resistant to liquids, impacts and abrasion, extreme temperatures, weather and acids. Compliant with standard RFID readers and modules, it is ATEX certified for safe use in potentially explosive environments.

Round in shape and small in size and weightit weighs 1 gram with a 16-mm diameter and 3-mm height! — this tag can be discreetly applied — sewn, embedded or glued — to non-metal surfaces. It is black, available in LF with the EM4200 chip and can be customised with a logo using pad printing.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Non-metal surfaces
IP Rating 68
Material Epoxy
Dimensions ø 16 mm, h 3 mm
Weight 1 g
Application method sewing/embedding/gluing
Colours black
Temperature Operation / Storage -40°C ∼ +85°C / Max +160°C
Type of printing pad printing
IndustryIndustry LaundryLaundry LogisticsLogistics MedicalMedical

Its compact size and IP68 rating, which ensures high resistance to dust and water, make it suitable for a wide range of applications. For commercial laundry logistics, HT019 ensures accurate item counting and real-time inventory management. 

In the medical field, it automatically tracks clothing, linens, surgical cloths, sponges and life-saving equipment, thus effectively tracking reusable resources and cleaning/sterilisation operations to improve procedures and safety for patients and hospital staff, thereby also enhancing infection control.

For workflow automation, the HT019 can be discreetly concealed — sewn like a button — in the hems or seams of garments, uniforms and supplies such as cloths and towels.