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HT020 hard tags

HT020 is a ‘PCB tag’ featuring a PCB (printed circuit board) substrate, an insulating printed circuit board that connects various electronic components. It is protected by a fibreglass plate covered with a light layer of metal applied using high-temperature pressing following the lamination process.

Round, remarkably small and very light — it has a diameter of just 6.9 mm and a height of 0.94 mm, with a weight of just 0.5 grams! — HT020 is designed for smart management of projects requiring a small, discreet tag that can be applied to non-metal surfaces. It is applied using adhesive and is available in HF with the ICODE SLIX chip.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Non-metal surfaces
IP Rating 65
Material PCB
Dimensions ø 6.9 mm, h 0.94 mm
Weight 0.5 g
Application method adhesive
Temperature Operation -25°C ∼ +55°C / Storage -25°C ∼ +85°C
IndustryIndustry LogisticsLogistics MedicalMedical

The IP65 protection rating makes this small tag resistant to jets of water, dust and smoke. Indeed, the HT020 PCB tag ensures excellent performance for supply-chain, asset and inventory management. Given its small size, it is the ideal choice for small objects such as small containers.
In addition, this tag is ideal for embedding in surfaces via injection moulding, for example, in the electronics industry or healthcare, for tracking disposable surgical instruments.