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HT060 hard tags

HT060 is an RFID hard tag made of FR4 (flame resistant), a material made of fibreglass with an epoxy resin matrix, which makes it flame retardant. It has a high electrical resistance and very low degree of moisture absorption. 

Round in shape, it is available in two sizes — a 5- or 6-mm diameter, a thickness of 4 mm and a central hole of 2 mm — and is very light, weighing just 0.5 grams. Available in black and yellow, it can be either screwed or glued onto the surface or in the cavities of metal objects. It is produced in European and US UHF, with the HIGGS 3 chip.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Metal surfaces
IP Rating 68
Material FR4
Dimensions ø 5 mm or ø 6 mm, h 4 mm, ø hole 2 mm
Weight 0.5 g
Application method screws, glue
Colours black, yellow
Temperature Operation / Storage -40°C ∼ +100°C
IndustryIndustry LogisticsLogistics

Waterproof, resistant to impacts and dust, with an IP68 protection rating, the HT060 tag is suitable for metal shelf management in warehouses and for asset management.