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HT070 hard tags

HT070 is a waterproof and extremely durable RFID hard tag in high-impact plastic that is resistant to impacts, cuts, high-pressure washing and high temperatures. Rectangular in shape, it weighs 15 grams and is available in two sizes — 97 mm x 27 mm x 15 mm and 97 mm x 27 mm x 10 mm. It allows for omnidirectional reading over long distances. The thinnest one — 10 mm — reaches 5 metres, while the thickest — 15 mm — reaches 8 metres. HT070 is configured for attachment via screws or welding on any material, whether metal or non-metal, such as plastic and wood. It is available in UHF — both European and US — with the MONZA 4QT chip. Produced in blue and grey, it can be customised with an embossed printed logo, while serial numbering can be applied using laser technology.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Metal surfaces, Non-metal surfaces
IP Rating 69K
Material Plastic
Dimensions 97 mm x 27 mm x 15 mm and 97 mm x 27 mm x 10 mm
Weight 15 g
Application method screws, welding
Colours blue, grey
Temperature Operation / Storage -40° ∼ +85° C
Type of printing embossing
Type of numbering laser technology
IndustryIndustry LogisticsLogistics Waste collectionWaste collection

HP070 is rated IP69K, the highest rating available, which means it has the maximum protection from dust and water penetration, while also withstanding high-pressure jets from multiple directions. It is therefore ideal for multiple applications. In logistics and asset tracking, it speeds up and improves the accuracy of data collection. It is used to track heavy vehicles (trucks, wagons, trains), and to track and identify pallets, containers, merchandise, tools, metal drums and gas cylinders in the supply chain. Finally, it is used for waste management and the identification of waste-collection bins.