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Hard tag HT072

HT072 is an RFID hard tag made of PEEK, a thermoplastic material with reduced wear sensitivity, as well as with high impact and high temperature resistance. Rectangular in shape, it measures 41 x 29 x 9 mm, weighs 15 grams and can be screwed through four holes with a diameter of 2.3 mm on metal surfaces.  
Its physical characteristics allow it to support very high standards, reaching peak temperatures at: 

  • 300°C for 100 hours;
  • 280°C for 1000 hours;
  • 260°C for 2000 hours;

In addition, HT072 is available in black, with UHF frequency - both European and US - and UCODE 8 chip. Therefore, due to these technical specifications, this RFID hard tag achieves large reading ranges: up to 6 metres with a fixed reader and up to 3.5 metres with a handheld device. 
Both the printing and numbering of HT072 are done using laser technology.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Metal surfaces
IP Rating 68
Material PEEK
Dimensions 41 x 29 x 9 mm; hole: ⌀ 2.3 mm
Weight 15 g
Application method Screw
Colours Black
Temperature Storage -40°C ∼ +85°C / Operating -60°C ∼ +260°С / Peak +300°C for 100 hours; +280°C for 1000 hours; +260°C for 2000 hours.
Type of printing Laser
Type of numbering Laser

HT072 is IP68-rated, giving it a high level of dust and water impermeability.

Finally, thanks to its high resistance to very high temperatures and chemicals, this tag is ideal for industrial production traceability.