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LB029 RFID Label

LB029, is an adhesive RFID tag made of PET, round. 
Due to its special strength and thickness, it has a high resistance to water and environmental stress. 

It has a diameter of 25 mm, its inlay measures 21 mm and is applied to non-metallic surfaces by means of adhesive. 
LB029 is an NFC label that operates at a frequency of 13.56 Mhz in HF, High Frequency, with the NTAG 213 chip.
LB029 can be printed using offset or inkjet techniques in both color and black and white, and with thermography only in black and white.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Non-metal surfaces
Material Pet
Dimensions ⌀ 25 mm - inlay: ⌀ 21 mm
Application method Adhesive
Colours white
Temperature Operation -25°C ∼ +70°C / Storage -25°C ∼ +70°C
Type of printing / type of numbering Colour and b/w: offset, inkjet; thermographic printing in b/w – other types on request
LocalizationLocalization LogisticsLogistics

LB029 is suitable for product identification and inventory management.