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RFID Label LB031

LB031 is a square RFID tag made of coated paper. It measures 25 x 25 mm and can be applied by adhesive to non-metallic surfaces.
Printing and numbering is done by offset and inkjet for colour or black-and-white prints, and by thermography for black-and-white only.
LB031 is a white NFC tag, with HF frequency and NTAG213 chip.

Technical specifications
Where to apply Non-metal surfaces
Material Coated paper
Dimensions 25 x 25mm
Application method Adhesive
Colours White
Temperature Operative -25°C ∼ +50°C / Storage -5°C ∼ +30°C
Type of printing / type of numbering Colour and b/w: offset, inkjet; thermographic printing in b/w – other types on request
IndustryIndustry LogisticsLogistics

The LB031 RFID tag is suitable for product identification and inventory management.