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WB002 RFID wristbands

WB002 is an RFID wristband for women, entirely Made in Italy using polyurethane, a material resistant to water, salt and moisture. Featuring an open cuff, the dial of this wristband is white and can be customised using offset and resin printing, while serial numbering can be applied using laser or inkjet technology. These wristbands are available in LF (EM4200, ATA5577 or T5567, EM4550 or TITAN, HITAG2, HITAG S 2048, HITAG S 256) and HF (MIFARE CLASSIC 1K EV1 S50, MIFARE CLASSIC 4K EV1 S70, MIFARE ULTRALIGHT EV1-1, MIFARE ULTRALIGHT EV1-2, MIFARE ULTRALIGHT C, TAG-IT 256, TAG-IT 2K), and in the following colours: black, blue, pink and yellow.

Technical specifications
Material Rubber
Wristband dimensions 200 mm x 15 mm (Size: M)
Dial size (printable part) ø 55 mm
Strap colors black, blue, pink, yellow
Dial colors white
Temperature Operation -20°C ∼ +55°C / Storage -20°C ∼ +85°C
Type of printing on dial offset, epoxy printing
Type of numbering laser, inkjet technology
CampsitesCampsites HotelsHotels GymsGyms VendingVending

With its unique, modern design, WB002 is waterproof and easy to wear. It is ideal for access control and identification at swimming pools, hot springs, water and leisure parks, campsites and tourist resorts. In addition, they can act as electronic wallets to purchase snacks and soft drinks at vending machines, make payments at cafés or restaurants, and activate additional personal services.