At Partitalia, we produce cards with magnetic stripe, contact and contactless chips, supply different types of RFID tags — wristbands, key fobs, hard tags and labels — suitable for identifying people and goods, as well as RFID readers — fixed, wearable, desktop and vehicle-mounted.

Technology is our strength.
We carry
smart cards and tags with more than 70 different chips, which can even be combined.

Our contact chips are divided into the categories: free memory, protected memory, and microprocessor. The latter contain an encryption math processor.

Our RFID chips have the following frequency bands: LF (low frequency), operating at a frequency of 125–134 kHz, HF (high frequency – 13.56 MHz) and UHF (ultra high frequency – 868 MHz) to meet the needs of the most diverse markets, from access control to logistics, from industry to retail.